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Pru Robey is a passionate advocate for arts and culture, and their transformative impact on people, places and communities. Authentic and engaged, Pru is an expert in the development of multi-sector approaches to support artists and cultural organizations, cultural development, creative economy activation, creative placemaking and culture-led regeneration. Her strategies are rigorous, inclusive, sustainable, and innovative.

Offering bespoke solutions to complex problems, Pru Robey consulting will help you navigate challenging projects with discretion, nuance, and sound judgment. 

“What would Pru Robey Do?” When I didn’t have the great fortune to be working with Pru, this was a question that would frequently guide my approach to the most complex problems. Suffice to say that Pru is a masterful strategic thinker. She is principled, brilliant, cares deeply about community and pairs these powers with decades of experience to advocate for and elevate culture. Where Pru really excels though, is her ability to deliver solutions. Time and time again, I’ve seen Pru unsnarl incredibly difficult issues, provide a clear path forward, and execute with integrity. Working with a professional of Pru’s caliber is a rare gift.
— Genevieve Bucher, President, BC Artscape

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Member, Creative Cities Network of Canada.

Member, Creative Cities Network of Canada.

Member, Placemaking Leadership Council