Supporting creative places, creative spaces, creative leadership, and creative communities with good advice  

Are you developing a plan to support creative and cultural sector development; developing a new cultural facility, program, or service; driving forward ambitious goals for your arts organization or exploring the role of arts and culture in community revitalization and development? Pru will work with you, your partners, and stakeholders to shape a tailored approach to guide the way to your project's success.

Talk to me about

  • Research, analysis, and policy development
  • Strategic planning
  • Strategy development
  • Process design and facilitation
  • Sector studies

Strategic advice

  • Cultural planning
  • Vision and concept development
  • Feasibility studies
  • Cultural infrastructure plans
  • Project and program design
  • Community and stakeholder consultation
  • Partnership building

Planning and development

  • Custom workshops and training programs
  • Individual and group coaching
  • Speaking engagements

Training and coaching 



Plans are worth little if they aren't actionable and sustainable.

Pru takes care to ensure that her work with you is rooted in an understanding of your unique cultural and community context without losing sight of vision and big picture thinking. Community, stakeholder, and partner engagement throughout the process is an essential component in building shared vision, shared purpose, and shared value, all critical success factors for your plan, project, or program.

Successful plan implementation and stewardship may require your project leadership to build capacity or manage organizational change. Pru will work with you to ensure that you and your team have the tools and resources to fully realize your project vision and ambition.